Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy & How it Affects You

Many people are concerned about how their personal information is used online. Hopefully this will make you feel secure and a give you clear understanding of how we store, use and protect your information with reference to both our website and booking service.

What personal information do we keep?

When booking a property you will be asked to complete a booking form which asks you to record your name, email address, home address, home, office and/or mobile phone numbers along with the number of people in your party and the names and ages of children under 16. Booking forms are kept electronically and are archived offline at the end of each season.

Bank details will be requested to enable refund of the security deposit; these details are used to make the refund and immediately deleted from the bank online system and the email containing them archived offline.

All client information including booking forms, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses will be archived at end of contract, to comply with GDPR.  

How do we use your information?

We do not use your information for any other purpose other than to record your booking. We never, under any circumstances, give your personal information to any third party, with exception to the owner or caretaker of the property, prior to your visit. The caretaker or owner also undertakes never to give your personal information to anyone else. 

How do we protect your information?

Copies of your booking form are only kept electronically (until the end of each season), as we run a paperless system. Our computers are protected against intrusion.

Updated August 2018